Governance structure

Wave Multi Academy Trust is committed to enabling pupils to achieve in all areas.  A vital part of ensuring this is outstanding governance, and as such we are committed as a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) to ensuring that the whole is stronger than the sum of the parts. 

 We do this by working collaboratively across the MAT and ensuring that we are held, and hold ourselves accountable to a very high standard.  The structures and functions of governance are vital in ensuring that pupils are kept safe and make progress both academically, socially and emotionally and that the MAT provides good value for money. 

 The MAT Board is made up of an independent Chair, a school representative, and Trustees with background experience of business, HR, legal and safeguarding, the CEO of Wave MAT and a parent representative.  

The PPSGs for each of our academies are made up of representatives of the feeder schools for their APA, the CEO of Wave MAT & the Principal of the APA.  The PPSG are considered to be local governors for their Alternative Provision Academy (APA).  There are clear responsibilities as set out below, with regards to how these levels of governance function at a local and strategic level.  The Chairs of the PPSG play a vital role in ensuring there is a bridge between governance through the Safeguarding, Standards and Quality Committee g and governance locally at the PPSG.

MAT Board

Articles of Association - Wave MAT (pdf)


MAT Board Register of Interests 2019 (pdf)


MAT Board Minutes (pdf)



Geraldine Lavery

Lindsey Hall

Kim Conchie

John Acornley

Christian Jenkins


Christian Jenkins – Chair  

Chris Challis - Vice Chair 

Rob Gasson - CEO

Chris Liles

Julieann Carter

Sandy Chapman 

Thaís Martins 

Committee Attendance

Executive Committee Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)


Finance Committee Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)


Health & Safety Committee Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)


JCNC Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)


MAT Board Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)


Remuneration Committee Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)


Safeguarding, Standards and Quality Committee Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)


Audit Committee Attendance 2017-18 (pdf)